Universal Cup Holder Tray

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Universal Cup Holder Tray

The Universal Cup Holder Tray provides your vehicle with the best of both worlds! This product will provide your beverage with excellent stability, all while including a tray. The tray is perfect for fast food lovers who want to keep their french fries in a convenient spot while driving. Crafted from durable materials like ABS plastic or silicone, the tray is lightweight yet sturdy enough to support items such as smartphones, keys, coins, sunglasses, and beverages. Its design typically includes multiple compartments or sections to organize different items efficiently. The tray's practical design makes it ideal for keeping essential items organized and accessible while on the road, reducing clutter and enhancing driving comfort. It also helps protect the cup holder from spills and stains, maintaining the cleanliness of the vehicle interior. Purchase yours here today at All Things Nissan!

 Product Status: Available

 Fitment: Universal

 SKU(S): ZAB-020