Privacy Policy


All Things Nissan wants all individuals visiting our website to know that we fully respect your privacy. We acknowledge the needs all individuals have in regards to both their security and privacy. Any and all information collected on through the All Things Nissan Website will be kept strictly confidential and will never be sold, disclosed to third parties, or reused without your permission. We thank you for entrusting us with your information you give to us and want you to know that it will be held with care and will not be used in any manner you have not consented to.


Individuals who sign up utilizing our Mailing List located at the bottom of our website or sign up during the checkout stages during a purchase will be opted into Promotional Emails that may contain updates, discounts, or sales events! Individuals can be removed from the email list at any time either by clicking to unsubscribe at the bottom of a newsletter or contacting us through our Contact Us form so we aware of what the email address is for removal.


Our website practices email harvesting. Email harvesting which is generally defined as obtaining email addresses from a website using an automated means when the website as a notice stating that the operator of the website will not give, sell or otherwise transfer email addresses maintained by the website for the purposes of allowing others to send emails to the address. We practice this for our Welcome Emails only. Email addresses that are harvested are held for 24 hours and are pushed to our subscription list. At any time you can opt-out via clicking the Unsubscribe text in our newsletters or by contact us at


We reserve the right to decline the shipment of goods to specific destinations including but not limited to Export Companies, Shipping Companies, Freight Companies, Large Corporations, Businesses small or large, etc.