WeatherTech Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner Spray

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ZAZ-013 | 8LTC39K
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WeatherTech Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner Spray

WeatherTech Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner Spray is a fast acting cleaner that will dissolve and remove any brake dust, grease, and road grime from your vehicle! The WeatherTech Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner Spray is a specialized solution crafted to effectively clean wheels without damaging their finish. Formulated without harsh acids, it safely removes brake dust, road grime, and other contaminants that accumulate on wheels, restoring their original shine and appearance. Designed for easy application, the wheel cleaner spray penetrates and loosens dirt and debris, making it ideal for both routine maintenance and deep cleaning sessions. Its gentle yet effective formula ensures thorough cleaning without causing harm to delicate wheel surfaces or finishes. With its user-friendly design and professional-grade performance, the WeatherTech Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner Spray is a valuable addition to any automotive cleaning arsenal. It provides peace of mind, knowing that your wheels are cleaned safely and effectively, enhancing the overall appearance of your vehicle. It will leave your wheels and tires sparkling clean! Order yours here today!

 Product Status: Available

 Manufacturer Part Number(s): 8LTC39K

 Product Notes: 
- Acid-Free formula
- Fast acting- spray on and wash off
- Doesn't leave residue
- Size: 18oz