Nissan Cargo Cooler

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ZDB-022 | T99C9-7KP0A
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Nissan Cargo Cooler

This genuine OEM Nissan Cargo Cooler is perfect for helping to keep your grocery items cool while returning home from the grocery store or even going out to a picnic with a loved one. Crafted with durable materials and insulated walls, the Nissan Cargo Cooler effectively maintains the temperature of its contents, ensuring items stay cool and fresh during travel or outdoor activities. This feature makes it ideal for road trips, picnics, camping trips, and everyday use where refrigeration is not readily available. The Nissan Cooler comes with one big compartment to keep all of your items cooled while driving. It's made of a strong durable material that is sure to last. Plus it even features bands to clip in your cargo area to keep it secure while you're out on the road. This Nissan Cargo Cooler can fit up to 38 cans and can hold up to 20 lbs. It offers practicality and convenience for keeping perishable items fresh and drinks chilled, making it an essential accessory for Nissan owners who prioritize both utility and comfort during their travels. Order yours here today at All Things Nissan!

 Product Status: Available

 Fitment: Universal

 Manufacturer Part Number: T99C9-7KP0A